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Gillmore Apparatus NL 3003 X / 001

Gillmore Apparatus NL 3003 X / 001


Standard: ASTM C91, C141, C266 / AASHTO T154

Determine of the Setting Time Cement

Used to determine the setting time of cement. The apparatus consist of two horizontal arms, which carry two weighted steel needles, which are precision machined to meet the specified requirements.

Technical Specifications:

 Model Number     NL 3003 X / 001
 Initial Setting Needle Diameter     2.12 mm
 Final Setting Needle Diameter     1.06 mm
 Initial Setting Weight Piece     113 Gram
 Final Setting Weight Piece     453.6 Gram
 Dimension (mm)     200 (L) x 100 (W) x 200 (H)
 Approx. Weight     2.1 kg
*1 Copy Of Manual Instructions